A platform for communicating the best and brightest strategies, methods, and tools for all those on the journey of lean and operational excellence. Join Steven as he interviews some of the world’s most well known and influential Lean and Continuous Improvement Leaders, Practitioners, Authors Educators and Advisors.

Episode #14: Jim Benson & Tonianne DeMaria

PODCAST COMMITTED TO THE ADVANCEMENT OF LEAN THINKING HERE IN THE STATE OF IOWA AND BEYOND Join me as I interview Jim Benson & Tonianne DeMaria from ModusCooperandi. We will talk about their book "Personal Kanban" and all things Lean. Zoned Strategies...

Episode #12: Jim Bowie: Lean Acres

Jim Bowie, dynamic Thought Leader, Speaker, and Author of “Lean Acres”, joins me for what I know will be a great discussion on our shared belief that CPI (Continuous Performance Improvement) is intended to be accessible to EVERYONE.
We’ll also be discussing his book, “Lean Acres”, which he says was written to facilitate the translation and the transfer of ownership of each of the core methodologies (including strategic planning) to EVERYONE.

Episode #11: Respect for People…The Harada Method – Norman Bodek

Everyone can set a life goal to be successful at work. Known to some as “Mr. Productivity”,
“Mr. Lean” and the “Godfather of Lean” teacher, author, consultant, speaker and , founder of Productivity Plus. Norman Bodek joins me on this episode as we discuss the people side of Lean, respect for people and the Harada Method.

Episode #10: Lean Service Design, Sales and Marketing….a visit with Joe Dager.

To say that Joe is a practitioner of Lean is an understatement. With an extensive manufacturing background and now specializing in Service Design and Sales and Marketing, most of his recent work has been working with organizations in the Business Development area to acquire, onboard new customers and retain, create advocates of the existing. He believes, the simplification of these external practices holds the key to future growth for most companies.

EPISODE #9: “Family and Friends Can Be Much Better Than Medicine”: A Discussion with Matt Garcia of Western Home Communities

The title of this episode came from a story that Matt shared about how he “got started” in the world of Lean and how the concept of respecting people was at the heart of it. ILC Board Member and Western Home Communities’ Chief Business Development & Process Improvement Officer, Matt talks about his own personal lean journey, lessons learned along the way and also gives hiring advise for those looking to hire with Lean in mind.

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