Competency Assessment

A systematic approach to measuring your critical competencies

Whether you seek insight into your employee’s levels of understanding of the competencies you have identified or, how well they deliver them on the job, our unique online Competency Assessment Management System will provide you with online measurement tools that enable you to efficiently collect the data you need to make decisions on selection, development and career progression of your employees.

Competency Assessment Management System

It’s is easy to administer, secure, reliable; and cost effective. There are no lock-in contracts and no expensive software to purchase. By using our Competency Assessment Management System, your custom designed Competency Assessment and Competency Feedback tools will deliver new efficiencies.


Competency Assessment

Screening & Short Listing

Reinforcing of Performance

Skills Gap Analysis

Managing Under-Performance

Competency Development

Career Progression

Employment Selection


Developing Critical Competencies

When developing critical competencies for assessment, choose only those competencies that are critical for success in the target role.  Zoned Strategies can support you in the identification and development of these critical performance competences.


Choosing the Best Measurement Tool

After developing the critical competencies, the next step is choosing the appropriate measurement tool to obtain the type of data you seek. This decision will depend on which question you want answered. Do they know what to do? Do they do it?


Reliability and Relevance

Our customized Competency Assessments and Competency Feedback tools are focused on the key skills critical to your target role. The results are reliable and relevant to your business and assist in decisions of selection, development and career progression of your employees.

User Friendly System

The client appointed Administrator simply enters each participants name and email address into the system. The participant will receive an automated email with unique ID, access code and instructions on how to complete their Competency Assessment or Competency Feedback. The Administrator is able to monitor each participant’s progress and activate report generation on those who have completed. Reports are automatically sent directly to the Administrator for distribution.


Post Implementation Support

We are always available to provide you with support following the participation of your personnel in our customized competency skills assessment and/or competency feedback tools. We offer assistance to you in data interpretation, training needs and developmental recommendations.


Unlike other measurement tools, we don’t try to define the requirements of your specific role with pre-set competencies.  Instead, we allow you to define the competencies you want to evaluate. Zoned Strategies provides a means for every participant to be assessed fairly on their awareness of the actions required to deliver on the performance competencies and how well they deliver them on the job.

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