Integrated Lean Six Sigma Foundational Skills


This course examines the complementary nature of Lean and Six Sigma. In this course, you’ll learn about Six Sigma and its methodology, and then explore Lean and some key tools and how they integrate with Six Sigma.

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14 Hours of Online
15 Hours of Cyber Classroom
10 Hours of One-to-One Coaching

Lean Six Sigma Foundatitional Skills Modules

Lean Six Sigma Foundational Skills  Total Time Hrs.  Online Material Due Date – Week Of Cyber Classroom Session  Time 
Intro to SS 18-Jun 27-Jun 0830-1130
Intro to Lean Principles 18-Jun 27-Jun 0830-1130
Intro to TOC 18-Jun 27-Jun 0830-1130
PDCA 2.83 18-Jun 27-Jun 0830-1130
Kaizen Event 1-Jul 11-Jul 0830-1130
SIPOC 1-Jul 11-Jul 0830-1130
Mapping the Process 1-Jul 11-Jul 0830-1130
Eight Wastes 2.17 1-Jul 11-Jul 0830-1130
Current State Value Stream Mapping 15-Jul 25-Jul 0830-1130
Future State Value Stream Mapping 15-Jul 25-Jul 0830-1130
Pareto 15-Jul 25-Jul 0830-1130
Cause and Effect 3.25 15-Jul 25-Jul 0830-1130
5S 29-Jul 8-Aug 0830-1130
Visual Management 29-Jul 8-Aug 0830-1130
Standard Work 29-Jul 3-Jul 0830-1130
Error Proofing 29-Jul 8-Aug 0830-1130
Changeover Reduction 2.83 29-Jul 8-Aug 0830-1130
Workplace Design and Layout 12-Aug 22-Aug 0830-1130
Flow and Pull Systems 12-Aug 22-Aug 0830-1130
Total Productive Maintenance 12-Aug 22-Aug 0830-1130
Introduction to 8D 12-Aug 22-Aug 0830 – 1130
A3 2.92 12-Aug 22-Aug 0830-1130


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