Talks are typically 60  – 90 minutes and great for breakfast clubs, lunches or conference keynotes. We have a number of talks available and can customize to a particular industry, group or audience. Talks are a great way to give the groups you are a part of a few nuggets, a little motivation and some inspiration.

My Success – A Series of Corrected Failures

Principled departures, questionable firings, career ending injuries, business decisions some good and some bad…most likely, this has been your journey to success, just as much as it has been Steven’s. Despite what we may see and hear, or expect, our successes often come at great personal and professional cost and depend largely upon our ability to reinvent ourselves. No two peoples journey to success is the same, so join Steven as he shares his real-life, take-away strategies, humorous stories, and lessons learned, to help participants along their own personal “journey to success”.  

The Inch Principle: 21 Million Dollar Inches  

Being an effective leader is truly a game of winning by inches. Attention to detail allows for slight adjustments, decisions and actions made on a daily basis, which can have a major impact on the bottom line. Building upon the work of his friends and authors of the book by the same name, Paul Carpetner and John Condry, Steven helps you understand how these principles, grounded in communication, human dynamics, processes and productivity, can be major turning points to improved performance and maximum results.

Papa Dogs, Look Mom No Hands, Extra Fat/Extra Lean, Stool Samples, and Other Customer Service Lessons I Learned from my Father

Even though his Dad passed away in 1998, the lessons Steven learned while watching him work three jobs to support a wife and 7 kids, bring a smile to a customers face, or make a stranger feel welcome, are indelibly etched upon his memory. These lessons helped shape him in many ways, one of which is striving to provide the best possible customer care and service and keep “em coming back for more. This entertaining and instructive talk is sure to fan any waning customer service flame.   

Managing in the Zone

Effective leaders and managers are able to adapt their style to the individual they are working with. They are also able to adapt their leadership/management style to the situation they are facing. In this session , Steven dives into four of the 21 Inches of Managagement. They are: – Establishing a Red Zone to Protect the Company – Always work to bring them back from BOHICA – Spend Quality Time With Your Quality People – Encourage New People to Give Up Their Right to Fail

Never Let Your Style Get in the Way of Your Success

According to Yahoo’s Hot Jobs Annual Satisfaction Survey, 72% of employees are open to a new career opportunity, and you might be the reason. More than 4 out of 10 employees blame their bosses’ management styles as the reason they would  be willing to leave. The Director, the Promoter, the Supervisor, the Sheriff – if you’re a leader, one those words probably describes you. It’s your style, your predisposition, the main reason you succeed…and it’s also the main reason you don’t. Steve unravels the mystery of each and helps audiences understand that a leader who is unwilling or unable to to adjust his or her approach to people, processes, or problems as needed finds themselves prone to poor decision making, and loses credibility and respect along the way. 

Spend Quality Time with Your Quality People

We live in a fast-paced world. If you don’t take time with your best people, you might wake up and find they have moved on. To often it’s the “squeaky wheel that gets the grease” and those that are our top performers get forgotten. Steven expounds on the four ways to develop your people…

1. Recognize and Reward

2. Raise the Bar

3. Improve their Market Value

4. Get-Out-of-Jail Free Passes

The Key to Successful Change…the 5 Drivers of Behavior

Real sustainable change only comes when behaviors change. Steven leads you on a discovery of the 5 Drivers of Behavior and how to maximize your change initiative.

1. Communication

2. Training

3. Rewards and Recognition

4. Metrics

5. Policies and Procedures – Best Practices

Memo to Everyone: Profit is Not a Four Letter Word  

Getting employees to think like owners can unleash a powerful bottom-line mentatility throughout your organization. When employees really understand that profit is a good thing, you’ll start to see more of it.

Tear Up the Statement and Live the Mission Mission statements were supposed to DO something, to show us true north. But instead of words to live by, they were awkward, run-on sentences and flowery prose that were hard to follow and offered almost no-relvance to our everyday activities. It’s time to put your money where your mission is! The most important part of a mission is the mission, not the statement.

Other topics include: Time Management, Customer Service, Productivity, Lean Six Sigma, Talent Management and Development, other customized programs specific to your industry or topic.     


Workshops are typically between 2 and 6 hours and great for professional groups, companies or associations. We roll up our sleeves and do some hands-on work to transfer the learning. Workshops are a great way to learn and apply some great tools to improve your own business.

The Red Bead Experiment: A Study in Variation The Red Bead Experiment is a highly interactive workshop developed by Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s, which demonstrates that errors caused by workers operating a process are more on account of the System than the fault of the workers. We use this workshop to train personnel in the above principles of Management and Quality. The visual appeal and the personal involvement that goes into experimenting make learning an easy and smooth process. Participants will experiment and discover the principles advocated by Deming. Deming summarizes the lessons that can be learnt from the experiment.

  • The low yield of work is attributed to the incoming material. The workers are helpless to improve quality. They will continue to produce defects so long as there are defects in the raw material.
  • The variation between workers is random. It is the result of the System, and not based on the workers’ skills.
  • The performance of a worker on any one day cannot be used to predict his performance in the longer term. I cannot be taken as the basis of making a judgement about his abilities.

Never Let Your Style Get in the Way of Your Success –  An extension on the “Never Let Your Style…” talk, this interactive workshop builds upon the concepts presented in the abridged version utilizing engaging activities and discussions. This workshop will help your staff and/or leadership team assess and leverage each team member’s personality and management styles toward improved performance and engagement, along with improving workplace culture.

Leading High-Performance Teams  This workshop builds awareness and skills in the areas of team -dynamics, group problem-solivng, and group-decision making. Develop skills in positive communications, collaborative decision-making,goal achievemen,t team empowerment, delegation, and dealing with difficult situations.

  • Create a Balance of Power with Today’s Workforce 
  • Tear Up the Statement and Live the Mission 
  • Make the Quickest Path to Success the Quickest Path to Success 
  • Manage Expectations with the Stages of Trust & Accountability 
  • Beware of the  Honor  System 

Bringing Out the Best in Each Employee By Managing in  the “Zone”  This workshop is an all-inclusive vacation from stress overload. You’ll learn simple, yet effective systems to assess performance and take appropriate action. This consistent action allows you to gain the respect of everyone around you. Learn firsthand how to handle the worst of the worst in any sit uation.

  • Establish a Red Zone to Protect the Company 
  • Always Work to Bring Them Back from BOHICA 
  • Spend Quality Time with Your Quality People
  • Encourage New People to Give Up Their Right to Fail 

 Other topics include: Communication for Results, Lean Six Sigma for Leaders, Creating Your Company’s Core Competencies, Operational Excellence and other customized workshops specific to your industry or interest. 

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