There was indeed a great deal of change, even Monday afternoon. Positive comments have been made of how we affect others adversely by our mood. One employee said he has given thought to how he sees his job as a part of a team and not just an his income. He was hear at 7:00 am today, ready to work. Everyone seems to be very open & energized by the honesty with which we confessed & held others accountable without blame or accusation.
Thanks for directing this growth. Randy Gardner

Owner , Cabinet Creations

Steven is a credible and knowledgeable professional that delivers immediate results. As an external facilitator for Union Pacific, the team is confident that Mr. Wilson will be a value added partner in the delivery of management development training. Kevin Barnett

Director Safety Process & System Support, Union Pacific

Steve Wilson has delivered many of our advanced training classes for Green Belt Six Sigma and other quality/continuous improvement related methodologies. He has always received great results and has been able to build strong relationships with the students. Gary Nesteby

Executive Director, Iowa Quality Center

Steve Wilson’s dedication and commitment to getting the job done has few equals. I had the pleasure of working with Steve recently for the first time, on a complicated project involving IT tools coupled with the business operational complexities. Steve demonstrated early on his ability to work well with the client, even a difficult client, and in spite of his drawing a difficult assignment, he was able to accomplish his work ahead of schedule and with excellent client collaboration. He is an excellent teacher as well, have indepth knowledge of process analysis and improvement techniques, which helped multiple times when things could have been confusing, yet he was patient, clear, consistent and highly effective in helping the client understand what was needed, and in facilitating effective meetings to success. Steve’s perseverance and ‘get it done’ approach was an inspiration to the team and to me, and I would work with him again, anywhere, anytime. Frederick 'Rick' Buchman

MBA, LSSMBB, Agile/Scrum Master, PhD (ABD), Published Int'l Author, Executive Coach & Business Performance Improvement Consultant

I met Steven through Linked-In when soon after he joined the Operational Excellence Linked-In Group where I am the owner. Over the year-plus time that we have been connected, we have shared many ideas on how a company may improve its overall performance. I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on his “blog-talk-radio” program entitled, “Quality Conversations” where the ensuing dialog was engaging and fluid. Steven certainly has a grasp of what it takes to help take a company from good to great. I highly recommend Steven and look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future. Joseph Paris

Recognized Thought Leader in Operational Excellence, International Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, Mentor

Steve is that rare instructor that can teach in a dynamic and interactive way, making an 8-hour training session both productive and enjoyable. Steve not only knows the material but he believes in the value of the processes he teaches; his passion is contagious. Beth Gray

Director of Reimbursement, CarePro Health Services

When our Iowa Lean Consortium Annual Conference planning team noticed that we needed to do something to increase the energy during our main session and improve the flow of our conference, we reached out to Steve. We were not disappointed! Steve met with us to understand the needs of the planning team and to gain a deeper understanding of our audience. He brought a fantastic energy to the conference that we had not had before, he was funny, entertaining and thoughtful at the right times. He provided continuity between some transition times that we had been struggling with and he helped to keep us on schedule. We are all about the business of continuous improvement and hiring Steve to MC our Annual Conference was one of the the best improvement decisions we have ever made. 

Tracy Schuster

ILC Membership Development Manager, CIRAS

Steve is one of the best classroom trainers and facilitators that I have ever known. He is able to convey complex subjects into simple and easy to digest pieces for maximum benefit. His fun, respectful and congenial style makes him an instant favorite among his peers. He consistently receives the highest marks and earns repeat work. He works hard and never misses. Mark Stanley

President, WHY! Consulting Company

Steve is one of those unique individuals that possesses high energy, combined with a highly inquisitive and learning mind, which he uses to find ways to help other professionals learn.

I had the pleasure of working with Steve on a a radio project looking at why Change Programs fail in @70% of the cases and how it usually is the result of the lack of efffective leadership and “the use of the soft skills” while using “hard tools” to teach others how to analysis; problem-solve; identify solutions; and effectively implement solutions that would help the Team achieve true success.

Steve was a valuable sounding board and resource for me during this time and I have always admired his drive to “get the message out to others not just through his own thoughts and opinions, but seeking out the best minds in diverse fields of industry and knowledge to help others better understand and actually become part of the 5% that not only know what to do, but how to actually make it happen!!

Steve’s wide network continues to be a catalyst for people to have opportunities to share ideas and thoughts from the “best” and also the “best” to learn from others as well. Steve’s program is a refreshing oasis in a field that can tend to be too technical; to be mainly by the-step approach to change and quality. I have learned a lot from Steve and his many guests who continue to be open and share with other professionals what is leading edge and by this exchange, we will all be able to achieve more consistent and concrete results in the real world. Steve, keep up the great work!!!! Daniel Stoelb

PhD, Lean Sensei, MBB, Author | Founder and President, Center for Organizational Excellence and Effective Change

Steve provided Lean Six Sigma Training to our organization. Steve conducted the class in a professional manner. Steve took the time to explain the training concepts in a manner that was well understood by the class participants and was eager to answer questions prior, during and after the class sessions. Great job Steve. Michael Trueg

CMBB, CSSBB, CMQ/OE, CQA | Director, Quality Assurance at PMX Industries

I had the privilege of working with Steven on a challenging project with a large, multinational corporation. He brought dedication, focus, and commitment to the engagement. He’s also not a “prima donna” and was quite willing to tackle a portion of the thankless grunt work for the sake of the success of the project. I would certainly not hesitate to work with him again… Mike Borzumate

Lead Solution Engineer, Salesforce.com

Steve as the Quality Improvement manager brings talent, expertise, and enthusiasm to the MercyCare Community Physicians quality improvement program. Sally Chapman

Controller, MercyCare Community Physicians

Steve is an accomplished speaker and a great listener with vast knowledge in various aspects of business, particularly process & results oriented planning. He is a great collaborator seeking to seize & enhance the good or desirable & eliminate the duplication & waste. Steve takes on tasks quickly & reaches out to others. He is a positive, upbeat person with outstanding integrity & impressive sincerity. Moreover, Steve is passionate about his faith, family, & friends valuing people & relationships more than things. Brian Brown

CBI, CMAI, CNE | Director, Murphy Business and Financial

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