Human Resources Courses

“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn”.

~Albert Einstein

Interview Skills

The interview skills course contains comprehensive materials on the full life cycle of an interview. Delegates will learn about a variety of topics such as making conversations, answering common interview questions, body language, facial expressions, clothing, understanding the interviewer’s mentality and objectives, making good impression and so on. The course contains many example conversations as well as practical exercises designed to progressively help the delegates to get better at a variety of skills needed in an interview.

Performance Management

In this course participants learn how to handle appraisal meetings to provide feedback and support for employees. Participants learn how to coach, how to communicate effectively, how to help others to set goals in line with business objectives and how to motivate them to operate at peak performance. This is a suitable management course to prepare staff who might be new to management roles and need to be systematically trained. The training resources contain many exercises that will help the participant learn the skills during the course.

Conducting Interviews

This course helps participants learn how to conduct interviews, especially face-to-face interviews. It covers many areas such as interview strategy, questioning skills, interview preparation, CV evaluation, handling interviewees’ responses to questions and taking advantage of best practice guidelines to improve the effectiveness of the interviews. The course contains many role plays and useful exercises that help participants to systematically practice various techniques in a controlled environment and receive feedback.

Diversity Management

This soft skills course helps delegates to appreciate the benefits of diversity. The course covers two main areas; awareness and skills. Awareness allows delegates to learn about others, their way of life and how diversity can benefit their organisation. Skills help them to increase the quality of their interaction with others, minimize confrontations, deal with inappropriate behavior and express correct body language. The training resources contain a variety of exercises, including some as optional exercises, to allow trainers to customize the course based on their specific needs.

Train the Trainer Delivery Skills

This course prepares individuals in becoming outstanding trainers and deliver effective and memorable courses. The 3 day course, prepares trainers interested to enhance their delivery skills to take advantage of established training methodologies such as Accelerated Learning. The trainer resources contain comprehensive instructions, exercises, home assignments, assessments and demonstrations to prepare delegates efficiently in a short space of time. In addition, this course allows you to become fully familiar with courses provided by Zoned Strategies and learn the best way to deliver them.

Stress Management

The stress management course covers a range of required soft skills to master the art of productivity. Topics include time management, people skills, exercises, motivation, diet, influence techniques, mentality, assertiveness and so on. This course if full of exercises which are presented after each topic is explored. A great emphasis has been placed on changing the mentality of a stressed person which is usually the main source of the hectic unhappy life a person might be experiencing.

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