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“Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing.” 

~Thomas Edison

Presentation Skills

We all want to give effective and memorable presentations. Your main objective as a presenter is to deliver a message. To deliver that message, you need to borrow from a variety of fields; psychology, art & design, IT, politics and of course your own domain. This course covers all of the above areas by using a variety of interactive and practical exercises.

Emotional Intelligence

The course provides examples on decision making, delegation skills, managing people and resources, managing brainstorming sessions, crisis management and so on. In addition, delegates get to practice giving short talks to their team or clients in order to improve their public speaking skills.

Body Language 1

Many studies show that we communicate mainly through body language, especially when we are in an emotional state. Since many of our achievements in life depend on how well we interact with others, it is quite critical to know how to communicate beyond words.

Time Management

This course focuses on fundamental principles, guidelines, attitudes and organization systems. Based on these principles, delegates form their own system based on their own life style. In our experience, this has proven to be much more effective and even months after the course, our delegates report that they have become more productive because of this course.

Report Writing

The ability to communicate clearly is an important skill. Many of today’s inter-personal communication take place through writing. This comprehensive course focuses on all aspects of writing business texts, documents, reports, etc. that are used regularly in most jobs and professions.

Personal Impact

This course focuses on these two areas. It all begins by stopping shyness and breaking through the various fears acquire through different stages of life. Numerous exercises and group activities provided in this course systematically approach various communication skills which allow employees to examine their behavior in different contexts and learn new skills.

Assertiveness Skills

During this course, employees will learn how to boost their confidence and express themselves assertively. Handling other people, whether they are aggressive or passive, is something we all need to do no matter what we do in our jobs and doing it well consistently requires a skill. This course helps employees master this skill.

Overcoming Procrastination

The course is packed with guidelines on procrastination and productivity. Addressing procrastination takes more than just attending a course. The techniques must become habit so that they can be applied to those situations when self-discipline is low. By increasing the awareness of employees about a large number of techniques on many levels, the course aims to convince the employees that beating procrastination is easier than they think and equip them with the necessary tools.

Memory Skills

You don’t have to be blessed with good memory from birth to enjoy one. Anyone can enjoy the many benefits of good memory and recall by using powerful memory techniques. Methods, examples and exercises explained in this course can help delegates to improve their memory many times over.

Decision Making

We make decisions every day. These decisions come to define our life and some of them may have a profound effect on the journey we take. However, making decisions is not an easy task and sometimes you may find yourself pondering on alternative courses of action. This course teaches a series of proven techniques that simply help you to decide.

Advanced Emotional Intelligence

This course follows on from Emotional Intelligence course and allows delegates to focus more specifically on personal skills using a variety of examples, case studies, example conversations and techniques to master each EI competency.

Body Language 2

This course continues on the same format as Body Language Part 1. It covers more advanced collection of gestures and signals used in personal or professional life while interacting with others. As before, the course has a large number of gesture cards that describe each behavior.

Advanced Time Management

This course provides a series of advanced guidelines for those who want to push the boundaries and stay on top of their workloads. It follows from Intermediate Time Management assuming that delegates already have a system of time management in place and are familiar with fundamental productivity techniques.

Delegation Skills

The majority of difficulties in anger control come from the lack of emotional skills and not knowing how to respond to challenges and confrontations. The solution is not to stop getting angry, but to learn how to control the response and use assertive communication. This course aims to provide several established techniques that are suitable for different kinds of employees.

NLP Core Skills

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is a body of knowledge that explicitly deals with enhancing your mind. NLP examines patterns of behavior and helps people increase their self-awareness. Effectively, people can use NLP to reprogram their mind, change the patterns of their thoughts and emotional behaviors. NLP brings together three distinct areas of neurosciencelinguistics and behavioral patterns.

Goal Setting

This course helps employees systematically explore goal setting on low-level day-to-day objectives as well as on a grander scale on life mission statements, career goals and long-terms goals. This course is not just about setting goals, it is also about using effective techniques to achieve them.

Learning to Learn

The skill of learning is perhaps the most important skill to master. This course is designed with several exercises that help employees examine their current methodologies and then based on the content of the course get to review and improve various aspects of their learning process.

Personal Branding

Personal branding follows the same principles of branding and marketing though it is applied to an individual. This course provides a structured approach to help you define, plan and execute a branding strategy. The course contains numerous guidelines as suggested by branding gurus as well as plenty of examples. The course also contains many exercises to allow employees to practice going through the structured approach.

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